I'm Rachel.


My journey to a career in graphic design can only be described as serendipitous. Throughout college, I pursued writing from my beginnings as an English major to pondering a switch to journalism to graduating with a degree in public relations. Towards the end of my undergraduate degree, I discovered my interest in design by throwing myself into the deep end of the pool of editorial design by leading the creation of the University of West Florida’s semiannual magazine, ArgoVerge. Afterwards, I kept throwing myself into the deep end and learned how to swim - fast. Fast forward 3 years post graduation, and I now lead all design for Innisfree Hotels, a hotel management company, and manage a junior graphic designer. Being flexible and willing to learn has worked in my favor as I have had the opportunity to brand 2 independant hotels, work within the confines of almost 10 separate hotel brands, and create original content for over 20 hotels with over 60 social media platforms. 

Side note: I love adventuring with my husband and lounging with my dog.


Email - rachelehogue@gmail.com

Tel - 850-619-2886